LTC Sangari OPED in The Daily Herald: U.S. must continue economic pressures in its ‘backyard war’ with China

Excerpts: “The willingness of the U.S. merely to threaten dollar devaluation indicates that it is finally cognizant of the reality and nature of the Backyard War concept and is readying itself for the conflict in ways that only a few years ago would have been unthinkable. The president and his administration have continued to hammer home economic and intellectual trade sanctions, and the Chinese are beginning to feel their effects.”

“Moreover, if the current unrest in Hong Kong spirals out of control and Beijing responds by dumping the “One China, Two Systems” model for “One China, One System,” the provisions of a new bill concerning the U.S. relationship with Hong Kong, introduced in June, will be activated. Hong Kong will then lose its special economic status with the U.S. and become just another Chinese city. The Chinese leadership knows that this could have a devastating effect on the nation’s economy, already imperiled by the threat of a looming trade war.”

Categories: Governance, Security