Monitoring The Monumental Vote on Israel’s Election Day: From the Offices of Israel National News

On 17 Sep 19, LTC Sargis Sangari, CEO NEC-SE, had the opportunity to observe Israel’s democracy in action. The only country in which approximately 80% of the eligible voters cast their ballots and determine their own future under a democratic electoral process.

LTC Sangari monitored the elections from The Voice of Israel, Israeli National Radio, The Official Israel government radio. He was hosted by Dan Bielski, chief editor of the radio.  Mr. Bielski is senior News Editor and the Director of the Newsroom at the Israeli National Radio.

By 10:00, 15% of the vote had been cast. This is the highest total in early voting since 1984.

NEC-SE prediction is that even if the Likud party pulls off a very close win it may require new leadership vision to pull together a coalition government. A possible front runner to be the next possible lead in the Likud, if it moves farther to the right, may be Gilad Erdan.

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