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The Near East Center for Strategic Engagement (NEC-SC) is an academic and operationalized policy studies/research institution and think tank that provides political-military analyses and assessments of Middle Eastern affairs for a diverse international cliental representing both government and private interests. Drawing on a wide range of professional experience and expertise, NEC-SC conducts intelligence briefings, prepares reports, and develops associated informational materials relevant to achieving individual client objectives. NEC-SC also sponsors educational programs and multimedia presentations aimed at promoting awareness and increasing knowledge among the general public of Middle Eastern peoples, nations, topics, and issues. Additionally, NEC-SC serves as the military advisory group for the Assyrian Army in Iraq (Dwekh Nawsha), working in collaboration with Assyrian military and civilian leaders and private military contractors to provide tactical, operational, and strategic planning, direction, training, and support for conducting combat and civil affairs operations against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. In tandem with its military mission.