Steven Weingartner


Steven Weingartner is an award-winning military affairs writer and editor specializing in military history, national security strategy, defense policy, and national military strategy and operations. He is the author of the critically acclaimed Faithful Warriors: A Combat Marine Remembers the Pacific War, written with Col. Dean Ladd, USMC (Ret.) and published by Naval Institute Press; and Lala’s Story: A Memoir of the Holocaust, written with Lala Fishman and the 1998 recipient of the Carl Sandburg Award for Nonfiction. Weingartner has written and published: Articles, monographs, historical studies, narrative histories, book reviews, essays, and other materials pertaining to soldiers’ lives, the profession of arms, and the past, present, and future of warfare. He is an accomplished editor with over 25 years experience developing content, directing editorial operations, and providing project management oversight for academic, institutional, and commercial military affairs publishers. Weingartner has been a consultant and on on-camera commentator for the History Channel’s Battles B.C. series, and National Geographic International’s History of Ground Warfare series, as well as the Editor for the Cantigny Military History Series, producing books on U.S. Army history for the First Division Museum at Cantigny in Wheaton, IL. He resides in La Grange Park, IL with his wife Sally and their two hard-working border collies.

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